If you're into high-performing vehicles that have luxury features, then the Audi A3 is a great selection. This sedan is built for dominating the highway thanks to its racer-like components. The car's interior is masterfully crafted with detail while hosting premium comfort features. The Audi A3 goes even further by offering a vigorous engine that produces well-balanced driving dynamics. All of these goodies are capped off by an impressive exterior.

From Apple CarPlay to Android Auto, this sedan has it all in terms of smartphone integration. Radars and sensors are heavily used for preventive safety measures. This includes Forward Collision Warning, Active Lane Assist and Adaptive Cruise Control. One of the better and most-used technologies is the navigation system, which is incorporated with Google Earth images. Tolls, roads and lanes are mapped out via GPS. There's also a beautiful touchscreen display that hosts Google Play.


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